ASM Editor  

ASM Editor is designed to make MSFS scenery developer's life easier.
What it does:

1) This editor helps you to edit asm, xml, x, bat, cfg, inf files, highlighting keywords of particular file type.
2) You can associate this editor and open abovementioned file types
3) "Favorites" menu is present, that comes in handy when you don't want to go through a lot of folders. Menu "recent files" is also available.
4) You can edit code in "select column" mode using Alt key.
5) Main feature - autocomplete mode. Just start typing text up and editor will complete keyword for you: for example, textureb will turn into TEXTURE_BUILDING
6) List of commands or variables will pop-up anytime and anywhere - just press Ctrl-Space
7) You can edit list of commands and variables for your needs
8) Extra features include stuff like "Insert file path", "genrate HEX code", "Remove all IFMSK", "Remove comments" etc.
9) Each document can have 10 bookmarks available with combinations Ctrl+[0..9]. Ctrl+Shift+[0..9] will create bookmark,
10) Templates. Very cool feature, that enables you to have code templates (created or saved from internet) in order to insert them whenever you need them in your file.
11) If you are not sure about what your next action will do to your code, you can use "HOLD" function. This will take a "snapshot" of while file, thus givin you a chance to restore data in case you destroy valuable parts of code ("FETCH" is for restore). This one exists separately from Undo-Redo.
12) Best feature of this editor - visual PAPI designer. Just move around sliders for angle and direction - and program will generate PAPI code for your ASM file.

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